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Sweet 16

1st August = Abby’s Birthday = Wattle Day (or so I thought) When Abby was born my midwife told me I had a ‘wattle day baby’ For 16 years I’ve been going along with that until today oh no 1st September = Wattle Day !! Sorry Abby, 1st August = ‘Horse’s Birthday’ My sweet Abby […]

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the eye in the sky

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hit the skies…. I think my head is still in the clouds (well ok…there were no clouds – it was I’ve lost count of the number of flights I’ve been on, yet I still love it when I’m allocated the window seat… the little buzz box that took […]

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So apparently it is winter (ok…so the steamer’s give it away). For many, many years my surfie husband has been trying to get our daughter, Abby, into surfing. Her reply has always been ‘I’m a dancer – not a surfer’. However, this year Abby chose to cut back on her weekend ballet and decided it […]

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F e a t u r e d   I n